It's Me and a little help from my friends.


My name is Tim Lorber and I'm proud to introduce The MultiStreamer.  It's had a great public reception.

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for Internet Marketing, Tim has been selling online since the late 1980's via dial up network bulletin board services and has adapted to all the trends and changes throughout the last 30 years of Internet Marketing.  


He believes that 'Going Live' on social media is not just a trend but has a strong trajectory and The MultiStreamer allows you to maximize your online reach by using multiple social networks simultaneously. It's your very own Personal Mobile Livecast Device (PMLD). Go Live!

You'll find Tim on the streets of Key West using The MultiStreamer and 'Going Live' for, an events listing website,  or at the jewelry store where he works and manages the Local Internet Marketing. Be on the Look Out!  He is also looking for a selling location for his food cart BabyCakes.