The MultiStreamer


I wanted to be in control of my Social Media Content and maximize my online reach, so I created The MultiStreamer.

Broadcast your event live, online everywhere from anywhere. The MultiStreamer is a device that allows you to 'Go Live' on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram simultaneously. An event only happens once, capture it Live on all of the major social networking channels, not just one.

If you want to get technical, it's a Personal Mobile Livecasting Device & System. And it's awesome.

I built The MultiStreamer out of need. I didn't want to be limited to Going Live on one social networking service. I wanted to Go Live on all of them.  The MultiStreamer incorporates 4 smartphones (not included) allowing me to 'Go Live' on multiple social networking platforms simultaneously.  For example, you can 'Go Live' on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  And, with a few setting changes, you could 'Go Live' directly to your website as well. That's powerful. Update- The newest version adds a GoPro, 360 Camera and LED Lights! It’s Awesome and bad ass.

It's a great marketing tool. Not only does it get a lot of attention and capture some great video, it gives you control over your Livecast Content so you can maximize your online audience. People love it.  You can see the response I've been getting.

A brilliant marketing tool.
— Man on the Street
CBS spent $5,000,000 on what you just made for under $1000.
— Man on the Street
Wow! That’s Awesome. Can I follow you?
— Women on the Street
You’re Live everywhere? That’s so cool.
— Man on the Street